StudioOur architecture practice was founded in 2016 by Patricia Lucena Ventura. We are composed of satellite studios in Berlin, Barcelona, Napoli and São Paulo.

PhilosophyWe understand architecture as a mighty tool for redefining humanistic values. Essentially, architecture embodies collective identity, as it mirrors the past of our civilization, while it shapes, through its conscious implementation at present, concrete visions of our future. In other words, architecture bears a timeless sense of social responsibility built as the collective body of our human existence.
In our experience, architecture starts with essential, yet simple questions. How do we want to live, to work, to co-exist peacefully with one another? How do we want to share sustainably our planetary resources and common ground allowing equitable forms of livilyhoods to prevail? How does a habitat built on natural principles might look like? The more evidently simple our meta questions sound, the more necessary and intricate seem their answers and measures for concrete action.
In a ‘pars pro toto’ way or working, we look for small, yet valid solutions pointing towards a better understanding of sensitive habitats. Even if such territories might call apriori for a material, political, human, and spiritual revolution whose results must supersede us, and will be contained in the breathing ruins of our artifacts.

Patricia Lucena Ventura is a Brazilian born architect. She studied art history and philosophy at the Humboldt University Berlin and Architecture at the Technical University Berlin. She has collaborated with various international architecture studios. She was research assistant from 2016 until 2019 at the ETH Zurich, D’Arch Prof. Dr. Marc Angélil. Since 2020 she is assistant professor at the TU Graz, Institute of Architecture and Landscape. She is currently completing her PhD on the thesis The Sensitive City – The Micro-political Transformation of Territories.

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