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Pre-Tracing Desert  Urbanization

"Pre-tracing Desert Urbanization" captures the intricate interplay between humanity and the vast, unyielding landscapes of the Aswan desert in Egypt. Through this conceptual installation, I processed the ephemeral nature of human existence against the backdrop of time and nature. The image presents a network of human-made traces, paths, and lines etched upon the desert sands, each mark serving as a testament to the ongoing dialogue between human ingenuity and the forces of nature. It invites us to ponder whether these lines signify the beginnings of human settlement, laying the groundwork for future urbanization, or the remnants of a civilization now faded, its legacy slowly being reclaimed by the desert. It is a reflection on the ambiguity of progress and the fleeting marks we leave on the earth, questioning the permanence of human achievement and the inevitable cycle of creation and decay.

Type: Conceptual installations
Location:  Aswan Desert, Egypt
Year: 2023

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