Centres pour Nemo
Conceptual installations. Aswan Desert, Egypt, 2023

Home for the Living
 Residential Project, Madeira, 2024 (coming soon)

Peripheral Mosaics of Cairo
Research & Teaching. Graz/Cairo, 2023-24
Global Award for Sustainable Architecture 2024
– Architecture Is Teaching
– goes to the IAL, TU Graz, 2024

Terra Nullius
Feasibility Study and Design Proposal. Svalbard, Norway, 2018

Fig. 1: Sameness and Repetition

Donas da Terra: Female Role Models of Social Leadership
 Short Documentary. São Paulo, Brazil, 2022

Climatic Thresholds: More-than-social Housing
Competition Entry, 2021

Housing the Co-op – A Micro-political Manifesto  
Research Results and Publication, 2020. 2nd Ed. 2022
Housing the Co-op Flag – Contribution to the São Paulo Architecture Biennale, 2019

Dare to Care – Exploring Ecofeminism in Architectural Theory and Practice.
Research and Teaching, Summer 2023

The Third Landscape
A Retreat inspired by Gilles Clement.  La Gomera, Spain, 2018

Fig. 5: (Dis) Orienting Order

Orchids of Fairy Forests
Residential project. Private commission, 2024 (Coming soon)

The delicate antennae of the Tree (our psycho-sensory apparatus) will converge into a sphere encompassing all times and spaces at once. This sphere shrinks to a single point, a Bindu, a seed that seemingly disappears completely, containing the sum of all that needs to be remembered by humankind.

Community Gardens: Buschwaldstadt
 2024, (Coming soon)

Fig. 6: Tropipower resurgence

The Sensitive City – The Micropolitical Transformation of Territories
Dissertation. Graz, Austria, 2024.

Spolia – Circular Materialism
Reinvent – Reprocess – Reconnect. Research, 2024

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