Co-op Cocoon

Co-op Cocoon is a cooperative housing design proposal that led to the formation of the housing cooperative 'Cooperativa de Iracema.' This cooperative began negotiations for the donation of public land using the MCMV-Entity model. Through intensive dialogues with authorities, the design evolved into a participatory, ongoing proposal. The following project depicts the latest state of collective design aspirations, shaped through political debate. Simultaneously, the project highlighted the absence of legal regulations for collective ownership structures within social housing estates. The cooperative's development faced significant challenges during Bolsonaro's presidency and the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite these setbacks, the project drew public attention to housing cooperatives as a viable model to counteract the commodification of housing. Moreover, it spurred discussions on the need for policy frameworks to support housing cooperatives in Brazil."

Type: Cooperative Housing Initiative
Location: Fortaleza, Brazil
Year: 2019

Ground plan
First Floor
Second Floor
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