Dare to Care – Exploring Ecofeminism in Architectural Theory and Practice

While current societal conditions of unequal global distribution and climate change dominate the political debates, diverse ecofeminist perspectives and activism have emerged all over the world throughout the last decades, calling attention to a necessary revaluation of dominant patriarchal structures and highlighting a view of the world that respects organic dynamics, holistic approaches, and the virtues of intuition and collaboration. Drawing on critical sources of feminist philosophies and political ecology, this course addresses ecofeminist positions in a rapidly changing world marked by the increasing urgency for eco-systemic inclusion and political consciousness. As ecofeminist thinking intersects issues of gender, political ecology, and the environment, this course explored these connections creatively and investigated their opportunities for architectural theory and practice.

Type:  Seminar Integral Theory Lab, SW 2023. Teaching  Institute of Architecture and Landscape, TU Graz. Generously supported by the Gender Task Force, TU Graz.
Location:  Graz, Austria
Year: 2023. Publication inspired by content discussions during the seminar (2025).

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