Donas da Terra –
Female Role Models of Social Leadership

The short documentary Donas da Terra by Patricia Lucena Ventura and Paula Constante follows female role models for social leadership in urban micropolitical processes in Brazil. The movie highlights the micropolitical self-organization of women with the aim of creating a collective voice in participatory urban planning discourses to actively shape local politics. The women involved distance themselves from given gender roles in order to initiate a different discourse beyond the frameworks of formal top-down policy-making conceptions. As such, they introduced a feminist perspective on sustainable urbanism allowing to make visible gender claims as urban parameters. The common thread among these women is their enormous commitment to advocate for their political needs and to position the discourse clearly in the urban space and, so equally, in the political sphere. Thereby, they fight for the right to exist within the spaces from which they are daily displaced: from the city and from politics. 
The film was produced in the spring of 2022 and funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Art, Culture, Civil Service, and Sport. It premiered at the 2022 Architectural Humanities Research Association Conference “Building Ground for Climate Collectivism: Architecture after the Anthropocene” at the Prat Institute, NYC.

Type: Short documentary movie (21’)
Location:  São Paulo, Brazil
Year: 2022

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