A Material-discoursive Abecedarium
– For Architects

A Material-discoursive Abecedarium explores theoretical concepts essential to contemporary architecture and design practices. It proposes the establishment of an ‘abecedarium’ or alphabet of theory, a tool that could serve as a springboard to identify key terms foundational for contemporary architecture. Inspired by Gilles Deleuze’s interview series “L’abécédaire de G.D. A-Z,” the terminological reflections intersect with activism and the politics of space, challenging readers to consider the role of theoretical frameworks in shaping physical and social realities. How can an abecedarium translate complex ideas into accessible narratives that resonate with a broader public? The aim is to encourage the reflection on implications of theoretical concepts for real-world architectural practice, thus engaging in a dialogue between theory and practice. This dialogue is not merely academic but a vital exploration of how ideas influence and drive the creation, interpretation, and use of spaces.

Type: Theory and Teaching.
Seminar Integral Theory Lab - IAL, TU Graz. S 2024
Location: Graz, Austria  
Year: 2024

Visual material (selection):

Ella B Van Gassen
Virginia Bianchi
Angelika Haar 
Jose Maria Hernandez Pescador
Viktoriia Mikhaleva
Ka Shun Ip
Torstein Skjelbreid Myklebust
Johannes Moe
Diana Nakhodkina
Cristina De Paz García Capelo

Illustrations printed on riso printers. 
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Patricia L Ventura