Peripheral Mosaics of Cairo

In midst of the current ecological shifts marked by climate change and biodiversity loss, it is clear these issues impact various territories and social groups differently. Studying Cairo, with its mix of informal settlements and stark inequalities, highlights this disparity. The city exemplifies how environmental crises do not affect all uniformly, underscoring the importance of social justice in sustainability discussions. The concept of environmental justice provides a lens to examine how environmental harms and benefits are distributed unevenly across different communities. By exploring Cairo's unique socio-economic and ecological dynamics, particularly in its peri-urban areas, we delved into how these factors interplay. Our aim is to uncover and address the justice challenges within Cairo's urban expansion, suggesting that sustainability cannot be seen in black and white but through the complex interactions of social and ecological systems across the city's landscape.

Type: Research & Teaching, Master Specialization. Collaboration TU Graz: Institute of Urbanism (STB), Institute of Architecture and Landscape (IAL) & Ain Shams University  (Department of Urban Planning & Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design Program, IUSD)
Location: Graz, Austria / Cairo, Egypt
Date: WS 2023-24

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