Climatic Thresholds: More-than-social Housing

This architecture project proposes a novel approach to social housing in a rural area experiencing demographic decline. The design introduces a multifamily housing typology that harmoniously blends with the rural landscape, aiming to revitalize the community by attracting residents who value the tranquility and health of countryside living. The central theme of the project is the integration of vegetation as a vital link between communal living and a close relationship with nature. This connection is manifested through extensive green roofs, communal gardens, and landscaped paths that encourage interaction among residents and foster a symbiotic relationship with the natural environment. The architectural layout is crafted to enhance social cohesion while providing private spaces that offer views of the surrounding countryside. This project not only addresses the need for housing but also aims to rejuvenate the area by leveraging the inherent benefits of rural life, promoting sustainability, and enhancing biodiversity.

Type: Competition entry. Social Housing Project
Location:  Beizama, Spain
Year: 2021

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