Inhabiting the House or the City?
The Impact of the Minha Casa Minha Vida Housing Program

“To Inhabit the House or the City” approaches the theme Walls of Air through the study of the federal program Minha Casa Minha Vida - MCMV [My House My Life], the largest housing initiative implemented in Brazil. According to the government, 2.6 million homes have been delivered to the population. This research, prepared in collaboration with LabCidade - FAUUSP and ETH (Department of Architecture Marc Angélil), maps four scales of the program: an overview of its impact in the country, an analysis of the housing complexes in relationship to the location of urban centers, and detailed views of the typologies of these housing complexes as both neighborhoods and living units. Additionally, the map presents a timeline of housing in Brazil, evidencing socioeconomic aspects as well as data relevant to each scale of approach, such as federal macro and micro-political events since 1930, housing deficit, GDP, population growth, and financial investment.”

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Type: Research Output; Exhibition Contribution
Contributors: Drauzio Varella, Elisabete França, Raquel Rolnik, ETH Zurich (Marc Angélil, Rainer Hehl, Patricia Lucena Ventura), Quapa FAUUSP, LabCidade FAUUSP, Rede Cidade e Moradia.  
Location:  Venice, Italy
Year: 2018

Photos: © Imagen Subliminal

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